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September 09, 2021

Are Smart Locks Worth It In Napa

Have you thought about replacing your door locks? Of course, you can go traditional and install a reinforced deadbolt, or you can go a different direction with a push-button keypad. With that being said, if you want the most advanced solution, you should consider installing a smart device that will connect with your security system.

You may ask yourself this question: Are smart locks worth it in Napa? Or will you be throwing your money away on overly complicated gadgets?

Ordinary Locks Vs. Smart Locks in Napa

When it comes to door locks, you will find plenty of possibilities. But most entryways are made secure by either a handle lock and a key deadbolt, a deadbolt with keypad, or a smart lock. Engage an ordinary deadbolt, and a metal bolt enters past a strike plate on the door frame. The bolts have the option of being a door handle lock that’s spring-loaded, which will make the door more of a challenge to break open with a an instrument such as a crowbar. If you don't want to mess with a key, you have the option of getting a push-button lock that triggers the bolt through a code of 3 or 4 numbers.

Smart locks are interlinked systems that serve as a modern substitution for your traditional deadbolt and door handle. Similar to keypad unit, you punch in a PIN code to gain access. However, when using a smart lock, you will be able to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi or home security system to add even more features. With the help of a simple phone app, you have the ability to:

● Lock and unlock doors remotely

● Program in customized entry codes for occupants and frequent visitors

● Receive text alerts if the door lock is opened

● Program short-term entry codes for occupants

When Are Smart Locks Worth It In Napa?

If you are thinking about using a single or maybe two smart locks as substitutes for traditional locking systems, you might be undecided on whether they are worth the upgrade. It might be nice to remotely unlock your doors, but the make and model play a big role in how well they work. If you go with a stand-alone unit, be certain that your smart lock comes with 128-bit encryption and is operated with a smartphone app that's frequently updated.

However, the real advantage of a smart lock is found if you connect it to your property’s complete security package. This creates the ability of having your locks coordinate with your additional security elements to enhance your protection while making your life easier. For instance, when your smart doorbell camera detects a person proceeding toward your front porch, your smart locks have the ability to automatically lock. Or set geotracking on your security system mobile app and unlock your front door when you pull up the drive. You even have the option to instruct an alarm to go off if a guest attempts to enter the wrong lock code multiple times.

Essentially, a smart lock is worth it in Napa when you link it to your overall home security!

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